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About Baby Furniture

It is so exciting finding out that there will be a new member in the family. Nesting instincts are usually quick to develop, but how can new parents be certain to choose the right items? Decorating a nursery can be quite a daunting task. How should brand new parents know how to choose the correct items? What will best suit their way of life? Will it be necessary to use a bassinet or a cradle before transitioning the baby into his own room? Many parents choose to use a Moses Basket which is quite prctical and can easily sit inside the baby crib. These are all questions that need to be answered. At Petit Tresor, we are here to respond to all of your baby-related needs. We have found that decorating a new nursery is a very individualized and personal process. Once we understand your preferences and have a good idea about your lifestyle, our staff will gladly help you navigate through this sometimes overwhelming endeavor. We can assist as little or as much as you require. We have a varied range of nursery furniture-from classic Italian hand crafted cribs and changing tables to the most modern, state of the art dressers, cribs, changing stations and gliders. We take pride in choosing only the best pieces the market has to offer, and when the market offers a limited selection, we take it upon ourselves to manufacture the items ourselves. Once of our most popular items is the Nursery Glider and Ottoman which both rocks and swivels so you are comfortable when nursing or bottle feeding your newborn. You will notice that we produce much of our furniture ourselves: beautiful nursery mirros, you will find nowhere else, customized armoires and nursery shelves…If you can imagine it, we can most likely fabricate it!